Thorpe Park - Whitechapel
Print Design, Digital and Art Direction
Project Description

Alongside the launch of the new Thorpe Park ride named Whitechapel, Thorpe Park required a new guest experience for the retail area, including themed signage and photo capture points along the queue-line.

This was conceived and created to work seamlessly with the Whitechapel VR ride story. Key to the experience was a trick photo capture point that the guests were not aware of, their photo was taken as they peer into a scanning unit thats checks their susceptibility to mind-tricks, later their image appears in various locations with the help of themed graphic overlays. These images translated to both print and digital products.

This project included NPD (print products and digital app) to offer new and exciting memorabilia of the ride experience able to be easily shared on social media and kept as a memento, and even included a head in jar featuring the guests own head...

The highly thematic concepts and end products increased spend per head and the profile of the ride amongst guests dramatically and Thorpe Park were throughly pleased with its success.


Project Details